Scheduled: 21/02/21

This is the ONLY Youth Team Event on the Tournament Calendar… 

Designed to encourage all clubs to put forward their youth archers to participate in this friendly competition, Coast Archers features a team event for compound and recurve archers, to make this one of the biggest and best gatherings of youth archers for the start of the year!

Open to 20 years and below…

Usually held in February, Coast Archers hosts the Coast Archers Youth Challenge each year which is open to all junior divisions from all AA clubs. Competitors shoot a 90 Arrow Short Course 'Canberra' round based on their age and due to the starting distance for each age group our competition offers a level playing field:

20 and under:

Canberra (WA/60/900), 60m, 50m, 40m, 122cm target face


Canberra (WA/60/900), 60m, 50m, 40m, 122cm target face 


Short Canberra (50/900), 50m, 40m, 30m, 122cm target face


Junior Canberra (40/900), 40m, 30m, 20m, 122cm target face 

Joey (11 and under)

Mini Canberra (30/900), 30m, 20m, 10m, 122cm target face 

Indvidual and team events

The Youth Challenge features an individual medal event and a team event whereby clubs can put together a team of three or more archers in either Compound or Recurve bow types.

In addition there are awards for the highest scoring individual Compound and Recurve Archers.

Two records still stand from the Coast Archers Youth Challenge:

17/2/19 Josie Hatch (Armidale), Female Cub Compound, Junior Canberra with a score of 880 out of 900 – National Record.


16/2/20 Darren Candra (SOPA), Male Intermediate Barebow Recurve with a score of 736 out of 900 – National Record.

Rules for Team Event:

There is a:

  • Compound Team Event and a

  • Recurve Team Event


These can be made up of archers using sighted and barebow.

There is no separate team event for longbow.


Longbow archers are grouped into the recurve division.

Teams comprise of three or more archers in the same bow type and can be of all ages, 20 and under. It is preferred that clubs form their teams and encourage all of their juniors to take part, irrespective of ability.

The top three scores of any team are added together. The total of the top three scores are used to determine the highest scoring team. All members of the team are counted as being part of the team even if their scores are not used to calculate a total score. In the event of a win, all team members are presented with the trophy on the podium.

If a club has three (3) or more archers of the same bow type then that forms a team.


All archers of that bow type must participate in their club’s team and may not shoot in a composite team.

Composite Teams

If a club does not have three or more archers to form a team, then they can combine with another club(s) that has less than three archers to form a composite team, providing they are all using the same bow type. The names will be drawn from a hat on the day to prevent ‘team stacking’.


There are perpetual trophies for the Recurve Team Event and the Compound Team Event. The trophy stays at the host ground of Coast Archers and will have the winning team engraved on the plate. Trophies are used for the presentation and photographs at the event.

Winning teams are given a framed certificate to take back to their club.

In the event that a composite team is the highest scoring team then the trophy will be awarded to the team members on the day. The trophy will be engraved with: Year, Name / Name / Name, Composite Team Certificates will be issued to all team members that participated in the composite team.

Hall of Fame…

Coast Archers Youth Challenge Team Event Winners, Recurve:

2018: SOPA

2019: SOPA

2020: SOPA

Coast Archers Youth Challenge Team Event Winners, Compound:

2018: Coast Archers

2019: Coast Archers

2020: Ayden Crosdale (Cessnock) / Matthew Horschak (Northern) / Lara Pilavci (Penrith) Composite Team.

We challenge all clubs to enter a team for 2021…
Armidale Archers / Bondi Archers / Coast Archers / Cessnock Target Archers / Newcastle City Archers / Northern Archers of Sydney / Liverpool City Archers / Penrith City Archers / Sydney Olympic Park Archers / Waringah Archers / Westlakes Archers
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