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  • Due to the set-up and organisation required to run a field event, we only shoot at Westlakes Archers if we have sufficient numbers to do so and this is usually coordinated by a member of the committee. Additional shoot fees are applicable and if you commit to attend a shoot, you will be expected to turn up and help set-up.

  • The Indoor facility located in Gosford is privately owned and is independent to Coast Archers.

  • If a Coast Archer Members would like to shoot or practise at another club, please be sure to contact them beforehand to ask if it is okay, or wait for an invite. Make sure that you offer to pay for any shoot fees, help set up and pack away and be a shining ambassador for Coast Archers. If you say you are going to turn up, make sure you do turn up.

  • All content provided on this website is for information purposes only and is interpreted at the readers discretion. While we aim to provide accurate information, we do not accept liability for the information that we publish.

  • The minimum age for archers will be based on the individual applying to be a Coast Archer. Acceptance is up to the discretion of the lead coaches and the committee. Children from 7 years may be accepted depending on their maturity level. All children under 11 years will be assessed for their physical ability for archery as well as their ability to follow instructions, safety, rules and etiquette on and off the field prior to being accepted as a Coast Archer. All children under 16 must have a parent or guardian present at the shoot location at all times.

  • The Coast Archers Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for membership that is put forward for approval.

  • Major sponsors may request to display their business on flags, gazebos, banners and apparel. Coast Archers will aim to display these wherever possible within the limits of event and other club's rules. Banners and flags, etc can be displayed on our home ground. Please note, the production of such items will be at the expense of the sponsor.

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