Coast Archers is a competitive target archery club on the NSW Central Coast. Our members shoot compound, recurve, longbow and crossbow. We welcome all ages and abilities to join our team.

Coast Archers is affiliated with Archery NSW and Archery Australia and competes under World Archery rules. Our members primarily take part in shoots across NSW and compete in a number of disciplines which include target archery, indoor archery, field archery and clout.

There are a number of archery clubs across NSW but we are the standout target archery club between the Northern Suburbs of Sydney and Newcastle that is affiliated Archery NSW and Archery Australia.


We have members of ages ranging from 9 to over 70, male and female. We are a friendly club of around 40 archers, who are also members of Erina Archery Club that has well over 100 members. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Coast Archer? 

Some people just like to go to their club each weekend and shoot. That's okay if that is all you want to do. Membership of Coast Archers brings with it a number of other benefits that are very rewarding.

You'll find that you:

  • learn more about your archery equipment,

  • improve your archery technique,

  • build new friendships, 

  • visit other archery clubs,

  • are able to compete at archery tournaments,

  • have results recorded on the national score register, Archers Diary,

  • enjoy shooting with a wider range of archers at home and away while participating in a variety of archery disciplines, such as field archery, clout and indoor, as well as target archery.

Membership of Coast Archers includes membership to Archery Australia and Archery NSW, the National and State Governing Bodies. This includes insurance*. Also, your tournament and Qualifying Ranking Event (QRE) scores will be recorded and displayed on Archers Diary. 

Being a member of Coast Archers will allow you to shoot at other AA or Archery NSW affiliated clubs and tournaments across Australia and in international competitions. 

Do I have to be a really good archer?

Not at all… Coast Archers welcome all levels of ability, so long as you have some experience on the field and have passed the beginners course. Please don't think that you need to be a really good archer to go to tournaments – they are open to all, they are good fun and present lots of social opportunities.

Coaching is available on an ad hoc basis and by arrangement with the Coast Archers Coaches.


Anyone that wants to give it a go is welcome to be a Coast Archer.

So how do you join?

To become a Coast Archer you also need to be a member of Erina Archery Club. If you are new to archery that will mean going through a beginners course that are run by Coast Archers Instructors and Coaches. Archers that move to the Central Coast, who are members of Archery NSW or Archery Australia clubs can transfer membership to us. Erina Archery Club members can join Coast Archers at any time – all you need to do is talk to our Vice President, David Robertson, and he will sign you up. Otherwise you can find out more or sign up via the following links.

Further details >>>

Join now >>>



Our youth only tournament

Usually held in February, Coast Archers hosts the Coast Archers Youth Challenge each year which is open to all youth divisions from all AA clubs. It is also the perfect 'first' tournament for younger archers as well as offering a challenge to the seasoned archers. Competitors shoot a 90 Arrow 'Canberra' round based on their age:

20 and Under:

Canberra (WA/60/900), 60m, 50m, 40m, 122cm target face


Canberra (WA/60/900), 60m, 50m, 40m, 122cm target face 


Short Canberra (50/900), 50m, 40m, 30m, 122cm target face


Junior Canberra (40/900), 40m, 30m, 20m, 122cm target face 

Joey (11 and under)

Mini Canberra (30/900), 30m, 20m, 10m, 122cm target face 

Indvidual and team events

The Youth Challenge features an individual medal event and a team event whereby clubs can put together a team of three or more archers in either compound or recurve bow types.

In addition there are awards for the highest scoring individual compound and recurve archers.



The four main World Archery disciplines

As a Coast Archer, you will be shooting under World Archery Rules, of which the four main disciplines are: Outdoor Target Archery, Field Archery, Clout and Indoor Archery.

Outdoor Target

At the Erina Range we shoot target archery up to 90 metres and each Saturday as a member of Erina Archery Club, you will get the opportunity to shoot the rounds set for the day which will vary each week.

More about target archery >>>


We have an arrangement with our sister club, Westlakes Archers based at Fassifern, whereby we can use their 24 target marked field course*. Westlakes is quite unique in that it is the only Field Archery Course in NSW that accommodates the 11 and under Joey Division.

More about field archery >>>


Clout (long distance)

In 2018, Coast Archers won every team event in the clout discipline and our team members have all done extremely well individually at State and National Level which is amazing considering our range does not have a clout course. To overcome that, we have arrangements with other clubs who allow us to practice on their fields.* More about clout archery >>>


Indoor Archery is usually shot at 18 metres on a 40cm target face. Archers shoot on either a single face, or a three spot (shooting one arrow into each target). It can be practised outside, however, we are lucky to have a great indoor archery facility nearby for practice and competitions.*

'As a Coast Archer, you'll get to try a range of archery disciplines that makes the sport much more exciting!'




Qualifying Rounds & Grand Prix

During the summer months we aim to host Qualifying Ranking Events and wherever possible a round of the NSW Grand Prix. Our events are reasonably priced and are always well attended.

The Coast Archers Junior Challenge usually takes place in February three weeks after school returns for the new year. 

To ensure the comfort of competitors, we provide eskys and sun shelters across the field and a well priced barbeque lunch.

We encourage members of other clubs to bring teardrop flags to promote their clubs while competing.


Tournaments across NSW and beyond

As a Coast Archer you get to visit and shoot at other clubs for tournaments or maybe just a casual shoot. In 2019, members of our team travelled across the state, interstate and even overseas! 

Penrith, Mount Keira, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Armidale, Pennant Hills, Liverpool, Northern Beaches and Sydney Olympic Park are just a few places in NSW where we competed or shot over the last year.

And this is where you'll make new friends and contacts, and expand your archery world! 

To see what events are coming up, you can take take a look at the Archery NSW Calendar or like the ANSW Facebook page.

Further Details

Coast Archers Membership

The cost of Coast Archers Membership primarily covers membership to the governing bodies, Archery NSW and Archery Australia (AA). Membership lasts for 12 months from when you join Coast Archers and allows you to shoot at all AA registered clubs.

Please note: To be a Coast Archer you are also required to be a member of Erina Archery Club and a member of Erina Leagues Club. Erina Archery Club is independent from all archery associations in Australia. Erina Archery Club Membership runs from July 1.

NSW Active Kids Vouchers

Coast Archers is an Active Kids Provider.

Coast Archers Uniform

The team uniform is the Coast Archers Shirt and navy blue pants, shorts or skirts. The length of shorts and skirts should be within rules set out by World Archery Dress Code.

When you join Coast Archers, you will be expected to purchase a Coast Archers Team Shirt and wear it at tournaments. The exception to this is for team members that are on the State Team or Australian Team that are required to wear those uniforms in training or competition. We ask that even if you wear a NSW or AUS shirt for competing, that you take a Coast Archers shirt for team photos.

Keep up-to-date with our Facebook Page

Like our facebook page for up-to-date news. 

CA Tournament Team – Facebook Group

We invite Coast Archers members who are on facebook to join our closed facebook group, where we share tips and information.

Team Captain

Our Team Captain is Kerry Heath. Kerry is an acclaimed compound archer in the masters division and is on the NSW State Team.


A number of Coast Archers either have been or are on the NSW State Youth and Seniors Teams. Some Coast Archers have represented Australia. We have State and National Champions. 


Our members compete in Compound, Recurve, Longbow and Crossbow. We also have three active judges: David Robertson, Anabela Robertson and Adrian Downes. Kelvin Heath is the Vice President of Membership for Archery NSW.

Committee – 2020/2021

President: Brian Bennett

Vice President & Treasurer: David Robertson

Secretary: Paul Leigh

Committee: Kelvin Heath, Kirk Graef, Barry Parker, Adrian Downes

Non committee roles:

Publicity: Barry Parker

Team Captain: Kerry Heath

Recorder: Anabela Robertson

Coaches/Instructors: John Robinson, Kelvin Heath, Gary Pearse, David Robertson, David Tucker, Brian Bennett, Adrian Downes, Tony Mahony.

Tournament Calendars

Archery NSW Calendar ≥≥≥

Archery Australia Calendar ≥≥≥

Get in Touch

Coast Archers, Erina Archery Club, Ilya Avenue, Erina NSW

For further information about Coast Archers please call the publicity officer on: 0412 766 850

(Please note the phone is not manned all the time. If you leave a message please leave your number and name. Also please follow up with a text message with your name and number and let us know its in relation to Coast Archers!)

The best way to get in touch is to visit the club on a Saturday morning!

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