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Most archers will already have the basic equipment for target archery but some of the other disciplines may require some more equipment. Here is a basic summary of what you may need…

Clout Archery:

Clout archery is shot from 100m to 180m depending on your division. Arrows are shot skyward to land on a 10m target on the ground. Clout archery is quite technical because wind and weather play a huge part of the game!

  • Clout mirror or prism (these are specialist sights that are usually hand made and can be purchased from some archery shops or through the few people that make them). A clout sight will allow you to see the target in the distance while pointing your bow skywards. Members of Coast Archers will point you in the right direction to obtain a clout sight. Clout sights start from around $50

  • *Please note in the video, the sights are referred to as prisms. These are not prisms, they are mirrors. Prisms are solid pieces of glass or acrylic housed in a scope.

  • Spotting scope (without rangefinder)

  • Sturdy tripod

  • Clout arrows (which are usually much heavier than target arrows, but always speak to an experienced clout archer first before making clout arrows)

  • Shorter front stabiliser or an angled stabiliser

  • Decent walking shoes (eg hiking shoes)

  • Insect repellent.

Field Archery:

Field archery usually takes place in the bush around a marked course (a bit like golf) where you shoot different distances and target faces, sometimes uphill and downhill.

  • Sight Settings/sight tape (up to 60 metres for open division)

  • Binoculars, good ones (eg 10:42 or 50) (without rangefinder) 

  • Water bottle that clips to your quiver

  • Decent walking shoes (eg hiking shoes)

  • Insect repellent

Indoor Archery:

  • Binoculars (optional)

In General…

Smart phones may be used for electronic scoring to submit scores to Archers Diary via the iscored today app. At least one person on your target should have a smart phone or tablet. Apart from scoring, phones must be switched to silent and may not be used for any other purpose while in competition.


Always carry a pen because in competition arrow holes must be marked.

clout sight.png
spotting scope.jpg
As you become more experienced and involved as a Coast Archer, you'll find that you will learn more equipment tips and tricks from your team mates and your competitors…
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