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Learn Archery
If you are thinking of taking archery up as a sport, look no further.
Coast Archer's Instructors regularly provide beginners courses at our range.


During the course we will teach you the basics of target archery, how to stand, load your arrow and successfully shoot your bow. We will also provide all the rules around safety and being able to shoot with others, score and look after your equipment.

You do not need to own equipment to take part in the course, but if you like the sport, then we will provide some guidance in purchasing you own equipment.

Day one will be mostly about learning about the rules, conduct and safety around archery.

You'll also get to shoot a bow on day one and you will find out some weird stuff about you, like eye dominance!

At the end of the course, we will invite you to join Erina Archery Club and Coast Archers (if you wish to participate in competitions).


The course is held on either three (3) consecutive Saturdays OR Sundays from 9am – 11am.

The cost of the course is $70.00 for the first person in a family, additional family members are $35 per person.

Juniors under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian over the age of 18 in attendance. 


Children 10 years and under will need to be assessed by a Coast Archers Instructor prior to participating. This is to ensure that they can follow instructions and also be physically capable of drawing a bow and holding it steady.

When you are here

On arrival, we will provide you with a beginners pack that includes a membership form, a booklet from Archery Australia and some recommendations for equipment packages to get you started.

It is a requirement that you wear shoes that are closed in. Thongs/Flip Flops and sandals are not permitted. Runners, hiking boots, etc make perfect footwear for archery.

We encourage the use of sunscreen and insect repellent.

It's also a good idea to wear a hat and we would recommend a bucket hat, but if you want to wear your favourite akubra or baseball hat, then go for it. Our grounds can get fairly hot, so also bring plenty of water to drink.

When you complete the course

After completing the three-week course you will be offered a chance to participate as a beginner for a further three weeks with the members of the Club using club equipment.

During this time we invite you to join our club.

Our Instructors are on hand to provide guidance on purchasing equipment, whether you choose to shoot Recurve or Compound or even Longbow. We can provide advice on bow purchase, buying arrows. We can even teach you how to make arrows which will save you money down the track.

The course is intended to give you a feeling for the sport, so that you can make an informed choice about Archery.

And we hope when you complete the course you decide to join our team and become a Coast Archer!
beginner course
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