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Thank you to all the people and organisations that have contributed to Coast Archers…

Erina Leagues Club 'in-kind sponsor'

Erina Leagues Club provide to us through Erina Archery Club field for our archery range all year round and also maintain it on a regular basis.

We are also one of the only clubs in NSW to have a full 'Club' facility, onsite that has a cafe, restaurant, bars and all the other facilities that a leagues club has to offer.

So after a day's shooting, what better place to stroll across to and have a much deserved refreshment.

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Barry Parker, Graphic Designer 'in-kind sponsor'

Barry is a member of Coast Archers, a committee member of Coast Archers and also a high level graphic designer that has experience in London, Sydney and also running his own business as well as being a published author and illustrator.

Barry's design solutions are innovative and always practical. He built the Coast Archers website, helped on the club uniforms and redrew the club logos. 

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Name Surname – Sports Physio – Website Sponsor

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