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Review: Westlakes Archers Field Course

Just an hour up the freeway from our home ground at Erina is a superb 24 target field archery course. Coast Archers often visit this course to practice and shoot in field competitions. Westlakes also hosts the Lake Macquarie Games each year – a two day event that usually has an unmarked competition on the Saturday and a marked WA event on the Sunday.

Kelvin Heath Coast Archer at Westlakes Archers Fassifern
Kelvin Heath putting his compound bow through it's paces

The field course offers lots of challenging uphill and downhill targets with a moderate difficulty level so it can be enjoyed by intermediate to expert archers. It is also the only course in NSW that offers a maximum distance of 30 metres for the 11 and under age group.

A creek runs through the lower part of the course and there are lots of bridges in the lower section, of which you actually shoot off some of them.

This is the field course marked out from above
The ground at Westlakes Archers

Target number three, for the red peg archers is shot from an elevated platform, with the target around 45 metres downhill.

Coast Archers shoot downhill from this elevated platform
The 'platform' at target three

Westlakes Archers also have a main target field and a practice area next to the clubhouse. Club members are always very accommodating and friendly. For those that haven't tried field archery before, Westlakes is the ideal course to try it out for the first time.

If you would like to know more information, look them up:

If any Coast Archer would like to try field archery to have a shoot at Westlakes, please see either Kelvin or Kerry.

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1 Yorum

Westlakes is a great club. Really friendly. The course is great. Always have a fantastic time shooting there!

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